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Company History

Crystal World and Prehistoric Journeys is owned by Tom Kapitany. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Melbourne, majoring in Botany and Geology, Tom went to work with his brothers and set up a retail nursery called Collectors corner ( ). This nursery specialized in rare Plants from around the world such Cacti, Orchids, Bonsai, Carnivorous Plants and Bromeliads. It was in this shop that he started to deal with Fossils, Minerals and Meteorites, eventually Opening Crystal World in 1999. As well as an interest in Plant Molecular Biology, primarily genetic engineering, Tom loved to travel. In the past 20 years he has traveled extensively throughout Asia, Europe, North and South America, collecting rare items of Natural History. From these travels, Tom picked up important phrases and words in various languages including: German, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Spanish, and Japanese. Many of his travels have been "off the beaten track", including a trip into the Karakoram Mountains of Pakistan (Western Himalayas) with armed police escorts to the Khyber pass. Tom also went into the jungles of North Vietnam, as well as underground in Antimony mines in China, where even the Chinese guide had trouble with the language. Tom has been Canoeing with the family to Paskihan falls in the Philippines, Dinosaur hunting in the North Dakota badlands, Meteorite hunting in Arizona, into the Sierra Madres Mountains of Mexico where he played with tarantula spiders, and to the amethyst mines of Rio Grande de Sul Brazil. Tom travels extensively in Australia visiting his mining projects in all Australian states and many of the commercial mines. Tom also owns Australia's largest Bonsai Nursery with his brother Jeno.

Where we are today

Crystal World is the largest importer and exporter of gems, crystals, minerals, fossils, meteorites, carvings and unique specimens in Australia. Our two showrooms are always fully stocked with new items arriving regularly. We stock a massive inventory and as such, only a small part of our range is available on display at any time. Retail customers can either purchase from this site or from our specialized retail facility at Collectors Corner, Garden World, Braeside Vic 3195 Australia 03 97985845 .Wholesale customers can visit our warehouse at 13 Olive Rd Devon Meadows 3977, Vic, Australia, phone: 61 (0)3 59982493 by appointment only. Both locations are only 25 mins apart. We have a third property devoted to cutting polishing and processing Australian rough stone for export and the local market.

Crystal World is prominent in the field of mining for gems, minerals and fossils and holds 20 mining tenements and exploration licenses Australia-wide. We mine crystals, quartz, molybdenite, atlantisite (a new gemstone), amethyst, fossils, hematite and other commercial and high grade mineral and fossil specimens. We also manufacture a wide range of products for the gift, souvenir, gemstone, jewellery and retail industry in Australia and overseas. We import fine quality crystals, minerals, gems and fossils from many countries.


Crystal World is a major exporter of minerals and fossils world wide with agents and suppliers in many countries. We attend the worlds larger mineral and Fossils shows including Tucson, Denver, Tokyo and Munich. We export raw Australian minerals from our mining leases to Asian countries were it is prepared into carved products and jewellery. Our latest export additions have been the Atlantisite and Prehnite, both are exceptionally popular new products.


Always expect something new when you visit Crystal World. Our modern warehouse is stocked to the brim with tonnes and tonnes of material from abroad and locally. New shipments arrive weekly and can be anything from a small parcel to a 20 ft sea container. Its all in a days work.

Collections Purchased

In order to continue to expand our range of products we are constantly searching for new mineral localities. Mining locations generally operate for a few years only and once closed, minerals from these mines can become scarce as new localities will generally offer minerals with variations. For this reason older collections are an excellent source of these once common materials. Crystal World is constantly searching for new minerals, if you know of a collection please contact us for an appraisal of its value. We are particularly interested in older Australian Collections. Tom is also an Approved valour for the Philanthropy taxation program.

To keep up to date with our products and services, we suggest that you check our site regularly.

As this site builds we will present to you a complete range of rare and unique items from our immense range of products sourced world wide.

Crystal World is a wholesale and retail supplier to Gift and Jewellery retailers around the world. Through our retail outlets, Collectors Corner,and The Earth Gallery we offer an extensive range of material to our retail customers. We now offer our range to the world through this site.

Our aim is to give you speed, service and satisfaction when purchasing by mail order, phone, FAX or over the Internet.


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Note: All Prices on the Crystal World Web Site are in Australian dollars unless otherwise stated.


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