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Agate Shells, India, Cretaceous

Brittle Starfish, Ophiopsammus kelbeimensis, Hienheim, Solnhofen, Germany, Jurassic, 11.5cm x 8cm, $240

Jellyfish, Hemimalora stellaris, Wisconsin, USA, 10.6cm x 10.5cm, $900, FJ100

Medusa, Morocco, 20cm x 20.5cm

Jellyfish, Hemimalora stellaris, Wisconsin, USA, 11cm x 8.1cm, $880, FJ100

Medusa, Morocco

Dickinsonia, Replica, Ediacara Ftm, South Australia

Jellyfish, Hemimalora stellaris, Wisconsin, USA

Medusa, Morocco,

Cyclomedusa dilicata, Russia, Precambrian, 22.5cm x 14.5cm

Medusa, Morocco, 19cm 19.5cm

Sponge, Chancelloria pentacta, Wheller Shale Ftm, Millard county, Utah, USA, Cambrian 530,000,00 y/o, 8.5cm x 8cm, $650, F600

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