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Healing Stones A-B

We are constantly getting more stock, so if the stone you are looking for isn't listed, please check with us to see if we have it in stock.

The mineral kingdom contains crystals and gemstones that can benefit their bearers. Each mineral contains different healing powers and the list is so long that it is not included here. For information on the healing properties of the different minerals, please visit our book section and pick up a book on the healing properties of the mineral kingdom.

Most of our healing stones are in their natural state, but some have been polished. The healing properties of stones in both the polished and unpolished forms provide the same energies. The healing stones in the octahedron shape can be used to discourage chaotic growth and assist the body, mind and emotions.

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Agate (Polished), Mexico, $2 each

Agate Eye (Tumbled), Australia, $1

Agate Moss (Tumbled), Australia, $2 - $8

Agate Fossil (Tumbled), Australia, $3

Alexandrite, Russia, $80 - $120

Amblygonite, Madagascar, $75 - $90

Amethyst (facetted), Brazil,

Apatite, Brazil, $10 - $25

Aqua - Aura crystal, USA,

Aqua Marine, Brazil, $10 - $30 (Natural & Tumbled)

Azoitic Quartz, (Treated)

Aurora Crystals, USA, (Treated), $15


Andalusite, $10 - $25

Apache Tears (polished), $1 - $5


Bismuth, Germany, $6 - $20

Brazillianite, Brazil, $60 - $100

Beryl (crystal), $50 - $70

Blue Coral (Tumbled)

A - B C - D E - F G - H

I - L

M - P Q - S T -Z

Note: All Prices on the Crystal World Web Site are in Australian dollars unless otherwise stated.


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