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Re-discover an ancient and forgotten healing art with the utilization of crystals. Crystals can greatly enhance ones personal development through their "universal energies". They exhibit internal structures enclosed by symmetrically arranged plane surfaces, intersecting at definite angles. Crystals have been used since the dawning of civilisation for their healing properties.

Shapes and structures of minerals can vary from natural occurrence and through human enhancement. Both polished and unpolished crystaline forms provide the same energies.

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Healing Stones Mineral & Agate Slices Spheres & eggs Agate Halves & Mineral Halves Shaped & Facetted Tumbled Stone Miscellaneous
healing stone mineral/agate slices spheres and eggs agate halves & geodes obelisks & pyramids tumbled stone Miscellaneous



Tumbled Amber · Tumbled Larimar · Tumbled Charoit · Tumbled Sugilite · Tumbled Jade · Tumbled Garnet · Tumbled Purpurite · Rose Quartz Puffy Hearts · Amethyst Puffy Hearts · Sugilite Chip necklaces · Citrine Pendulums · Amethyst Pendulums · Hematite Pendulums · Quartz Pendulums · Rose Quartz Pendulums · Smokey Quartz spheres · Rose Quartz Spheres · Apatite spheres · Smokey quartz wands (long) · Clear quartz wands (long) · Rose Quartz Runes · Hematite Runes · Amethyst Runes · Tiger Eye eggs · Tiger Iron Eggs · Manifestation Quartz Points · White Phantom Quartz Points · Chlorite inclusion/phantom points · Citrine (natural) points/generators · Blue Kyanite (rough) · Green Kyanite (rough) · Rose Quartz wands · Double Terminated Tiger Eye Wands · Double Terminated Snow Flake Obsidian Wands · Amatrine Spheres · Amber Gem Trees · Amethyst Gem Trees · Chip necklaces (18" + 36") · Strawberry Quartz · Prehnite Eggs · Prehnite Chip necklaces · Tumbled Mookite · Rough Mookite · Polished Slabs of Mookite · Tumbled Rhodocrosite · Gem Bottles · Amethyst Cathedrals (coming soon) · Citrine Druze (coming soon) · Agate Windchimes (coming soon) · Fluorite Quan Yin Carvings (coming soon) · Budha carvings (coming soon) · High Grade Rose Quartz Rough (coming soon) · Tumbled Demorturite (coming soon) · Rose Quartz Eggs (coming soon)

Lots more still on the way!!!

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